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Uganda has one of the world’s highest burdens of tuberculosis (TB). Uganda Harm Reduction Network-UHRN works with collaborators to improve, expand, and sustain TB services through drug users’ referrals for TB screening and treatment to partner TB health service providers. The Initiative aims at strengthening drug user’s capacity and ability to access quality comprehensive TB services as well as to improve UHRN’s drug users’ referral systems in Uganda.

UHRN BtG Small Grant Project final Narrative Report for 2nd Year_page41_image72UHRN focuses on improving community TB awareness, multidrug-resistant TB diagnosis and care, and public–private partnerships. The drug user network organizes drug user dialogues on community-based TB care and other aspects of TB prevention and control. And we support our peers(PWUDs) to refer/report all TB cases to our partner TB health service providers and follow up to ensure a better referral system, improve TB case detection, and increase adherence to treatment.